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Paranormal Round Table

Welcome to Paranormal Round Table.  Get to know your hosts Josh "Wolf" Turner and Armando "Sal" Salazar as they collect and discuss real accounts of encounters with the supernatural, cryptids, demonic, and everything in between.

Oct 26, 2019

Join your hosts Wolf and Sal as they discuss an eyewitness account of a hideous hag terrorizing his childhood home in Soviet Russia, known locally as the Baba Yaga!

Oct 20, 2019

Wolf and Sal bring you one of Wolf's personal experiences with owning a mysterious gargoyle statue from Guatemala that brought swift misfortune to all who owned it, as well as a hideous handmade key found within it that always found its way back home!

Oct 12, 2019

Famed and widely respected author and cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard takes a seat at the Paranormal Round Table to discuss his research into the notorious dogman and bigfoot phenomena.

Oct 5, 2019

On tonight's episode, Wolf and Sal discuss harrowing reports of encounters with strange, aggressive, and upright hyena creatures! Could it be a dogman? Prehistoric remnant? Bipedal hyena? Tune in and decide for yourself!


Oct 2, 2019

Wolf and Sal conclude their discussion with special guest Lura Ketchledge with topics such a the mysterious dreamscape metropolis deemed "The City of Night", past lives, and the afterlife.